Spring Into Cleaning this Season

Updated on 02/23/22


We all know this time of the year when blossoming flowers cover the ground, and colors fill the air. However, with the budding greenery comes the dreaded deep clean, which we call spring cleaning. People, businesses, and communities all participate in this yearly ritual of cleaning every nook and cranny. For most, it’s something we do not look forward to taking part in. Nevertheless, Chinaberry Tree Linens is here to help you clear away some of those dust bunnies by giving you a simple checklist for your spring cleaning.

Restock and Gather Your Supplies

Like with all spring cleaning, you’ll need your supplies set out beforehand. Make sure that you also have everything restocked, so you do not have to pause and lose your momentum to get more supplies.

Start off with:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Multi-surface Cleaner
  • Wood Polish/Cleaner
  • Broom/ Dustpan
  • Vacuum
  • Mop and Floor Cleaner

Begin from the Top

It’s easy enough to start with the dirtiest part that you see first. However, it will make more of a mess if you start sweeping rather than dusting. Beginning with the top of the room means starting at any ceiling fan, dusting them off and working downward. From the walls, down to furniture, and lasting working on the floorboards and floors. This method will keep what you cleaned tidy without the extra time-consuming mess.


Clean Hardware

One thing that tends to get overlooked every year is the hardware. These are the places that get touched every day, whether it is in your kitchen or under your TV. Cleaning your hardware will not only sanitize the area but clear up potential build up from greases and other grimes. Hardware that is metallic or polished stands out especially when cleaned, too.

Deep Clean Floors

These are places where you get the most foot traffic, literally. Floors can sometimes be underrated in importance when it comes to cleaning. Yet, they connect the outside to the inside, especially if you have furry friends running around the house. Whether you leave your shoes at the front door or don’t, your floors can get dirty fast. So, to keep them spic and span for a while after cleaning, try using wax or polish afterwards to have them looking and feeling extra lovely after that spring clean.

Get Rid of Overused Linens/Towels

Linens and towels that have been continuously used and washed can harbor hidden and harmful bacteria. These items are supposed to keep you clean and make your home comfortable. So ditch the old towels, dirty pillow cases, and under-stuffed comforters for new and clean linens and towels. If you need some ideas on what would look best in your home or business, check out http://www.cbtgifts.com or http://www.cbtlinens.com.

Invest in A Purifier

No matter if you clean your household or business regularly, there is always a build up of dust particles, and allergens you just can’t seem to get rid of. Unfortunately, with people comes dust, but a great investment in your space can be a air purifier. These bad boys can run 24/7 and circulate out the bad stuff, and just in time to keep your place extra fresh after that deep clean.

Create Manageable Habits

To keep your house clean and make next years’ spring cleaning a little less of a hassle try to keep up with manageable cleaning habits. Habits that only take a few minutes out of your day can be a saver when it comes to actual chores and your time. For example, when taking a shower grab a sponge, soap, and clean your bath while you take one. This way you’ll take the anxiety out of having to clean the shower on a ‘cleaning the bathroom’ day.

Little tips like these can help you get through spring cleaning without the worry and spring you into the moments you want to be enjoying with your friends and family.

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