How To Manage Linens and Bedding at a Vacation Rental – Series Part 5

It’s no surprise that most vacation rentals lack a linen closet, but having one can save time and keep things organized. If you or your guests stain linens or towels, it’s easy for professional cleaners to grab fresh ones from the closet. Here are some tips to set up a linen closet:

Invest in a Second Washer/Dryer Set
If you have the space and budget, a second set of washer/dryer can speed up the laundry process. However, even a second dryer can serve as laundry backup during the drying stage.

Choose Cotton/Poly Blend Sheets
While it’s tempting to opt for 100% cotton sheets for that hotel-like softness, they can be high maintenance and prone to wrinkles. Cotton/polyester blend sheets strike the right balance between comfort, durability, and quick-dry. A blend of 60/40 is ideal.

Don’t Wash Sheets and Towels Together
Never throw all your linens in one load, as towels can roughen up sheets and lessen their durability. It’s best to separate them.

Select Quality Sheets over Retail Brands
Invest in commercial hotel-quality linens that can withstand 100 washings, which is 60% more cycles than retail brands. Commercial linens are pre-laundered and pre-shrunk, and hem threads are color-coded to identify the size of the linen.

Iron Only Pillowcases
While it would be great to iron all your linens, it’s not practical. Cotton/poly sheets are wrinkle-free, but ironing pillowcases can dress up the bed and offer guests a good night’s sleep.

Keep a Linen Par
Make sure you have a set number of linen on-hand at any given time, such as three fitted sheets, three flat sheets, three pillowcases per pillow, and three towel sets per guest. This ensures that you have a third set waiting for the next guest while the cleaners finish laundry.

Inspect for Stains
Before washing, check for stains and use a mix of water and non-chlorine bleach for pre-treatment. Soaking can also help remove stubborn stains.

Consider Triple Sheeting
Triple sheeting replaces bulky bedspreads and comforters with a lightweight blanket and an extra top sheet. This saves time and money on washing and offers guests a comfortable sleeping experience.

That concludes our series! Thank you for reading.

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