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About Us

Chinaberry Tree Linens

NSAR IND LLC dba Chinaberry Tree Linens (CBT Short for Chinaberry Tree Linens) is a subsidiary company of DFL Minmet Refractories Corp. China.

Chinaberry Tree imports products which hotels and resorts need for daily operations from China and other countries.

We currently focus on supplying linens and towels to hotels and resorts in Grand Strand Area.

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Why Myrtle Beach:
One of David’s Nanyang EMBA (NTU Singapore) classmate invited David joined the team, bought the Waccamaw Mall (previous Waccamaw Pottery) in Myrtle Beach in 2011, which brought David to Myrtle Beach.

Why Hospitality Industry:
There are around 500 hotels in Myrtle Beach, it should be over 1000 hotels in Grand Strand area. More important is that 65-70% of them are independent owner hotels in Myrtle Beach. Around 18 million visitors per year.

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Our Strength

Rich experiences:
Over 25 years of experience in importing and exporting of quality goods through out many industries. If you are in need of a large quantity, we have contacts with manufacturers around the globe.

Professional Service:
With an experienced sales and delivery team we provide outstanding service and we are there for you at your time of need.

Low Cost:
Dealing directly with the manufacturer, we are able to store a large amount of products in our 30,000 square foot warehouse here in Myrtle Beach.

Stable Quality:
Not only with our team in Myrtle Beach, we have several quality control teams in place in China, and many different countries with rich experience in quality control in various products.

CBT Core Value: Sowing the seeds of good karma

  • We believe in Karma!
  • Although our team is composed of different race and culture filled with kindness, trust and love is a common goal all over the world.
  • If we sow the seeds of cucumber, we can not get the fruit of watermelon.
  • If we sow the seeds of a kind mind, good things, even tiny, will be sure to get kind and good fruit.
  • We believe it will take time for the seeds to fruit; it may take months, years, or even to the next life.
  • We believe to sow the good seeds to A, it does not mean A must return equal back, what we need is just sowing the good seeds in our work and life. It might be returned back from B some time.


Our Slogan