How to Make Your Guests Feel at Home!

Updated on 03/17/22

St. Patrick’s Day is for friends, fun, and drinking. People will travel for the weekend or day to celebrate with a drink. So, what do you do if you’re a business hosting guest coming from out of town? How can you make them feel at home while they enjoy their holiday?

Welcome with Holiday Greetings

When guests start to arrive at the beginning of their vacation, whether it’s a small holiday like St. Patrick’s Day or one as significant as Thanksgiving, try to meet them with a smile and holiday greetings. You can go all out and have a welcome filled with green decorations to celebrate the occasion. You can also opt for simplicity. Going for simplicity means saying “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” at the end of your conversation. Whether people remember the holiday or not, they will feel included and welcomed to enjoy that time at your business.

Give Suggestions

Usually, guests from out of town are unfamiliar with your area. So, composing a reference list of restaurants, bars, or attractions to hand out at your discretion would be a valuable resource. Giving guests suggestions on things to do or what to see will make them feel like they’re getting the most out of their trip. It also makes them feel like you care whether or not they have an enjoyable time at your business.


Most hospitality stands in the greater Myrtle Beach area carry card stock with labels of supported business to give out. Doing this could be a wonderful chance to market B2B, business to business, and connect with others in the community.

Clean Room and Board

This is self-explanatory, however, it goes to show just how much you care for your guests through the care of your facilities. You can even go an extra step to make sure that things look in order. Like, the toiletries are lined up by what order people would use them or even taking a few extra minutes to make towel art for your guests. These are the little things that matter, and even though sometimes it may go overlooked, when it is noticed the sentiment is all the more special!

Offer Extras

Offering extras can mean a plethora of things. You can start off small by offering chocolates or treats as a surprise waiting for them in their rooms. To bigger items, which can be gift baskets to valued guests, with a St. Patrick’s Day theme if you’re really into the holiday. Some other ideas may be:

  • Free Amenities
  • Offering Vouchers or Coupons
  • Having Sales
  • Accommodate Early Check-Ins
  • Free Travel Services
  • Complimentary Activities for Younger Children

If you want to participate in any of these extras but cannot afford them to be free, you can always include the price in your room rates.

Be Considerate with Concerns

Lastly, being considerate when it comes to customer concerns and complaints comes with the job. However, during a holiday there is heightened stress when people plan in a different city. Taking the time and listening to customers when they have troubles can ease their worry and make them feel more comfortable in a strange setting.

These are just some of the many tips to help your guests feel welcome at your business during holidays like St. Patrick’s!

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