Hotel Quality Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet Paper Roll

There’s a common misconception when it comes to which toilet paper brand to go with that

even I was guilty of. Most tend to only consider the more expensive brands or one’s they’re

familiar with such as Charmin, Bounty, Kleenex or Angel Soft. When choosing a TP brand

to go with, it’s helpful to check the weight of the individual roll or case. This will help you

determine the overall quality of the product you’re looking at. Some manufacturers “cheat”

on paper weight to drive down the price with a lower quality product. They “cheat” by offering

a product with thinner thickness or paper weight in its raw material state. Loosely wrapped

paper rolls can also give the appearance of a larger roll but actually have much less paper on

it. A good rule of thumb is to check how many individual units/rolls are in the case & calculate

the cost per unit/roll. Compare the number of sheets & size of the sheets to compare the cost.

You could also compare the design/texture, Embossed or quilted? Quilting/embossing adds

higher absorbency, softer feel & additional cost versus “flat” sheets. They are more expensive

because of the additional expense associated with enhanced raw materials & processes to finish

the paper. Want whiter, brighter sheets? Making whiter, brighter sheets requires more virgin

pulp to produce a whiter product. One-ply or two-ply? Using less material greatly reduces

the cost. The reality is, there are many other brands of TP that can provide you with a much better

dollar per roll. Green Heritage Pro can not only save you money, but also peace of mind

knowing that they’re made from 100% sustainable materials; so you can get the same quality at

a fraction of the cost, compared to national brands. Purchase them Here.

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