Is There A Proper Way To Fold a Towel?


Aside from balling one up and just tossing it in a closet or on a shelf, is there a proper way to fold a towel? I’ve seen it done a few ways  in hotels and at resorts around the world. Some were rolled, some were folded, some were just hung there. In the hospitality business, is there one uniformed way? Should there be?

While I enjoy the aesthetics of a stack of rolled towels, it’s really the pleasing angles and crisp lines in a neatly folded towel that appeals to me the most. Far better than anything just hanging there waiting to be used. If you can make animal shapes out of towels then you are a great wizard and should be recognized for your creativity and genius.

I recall the first time that I saw Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, a masterful work of art, and how it filled me with joy and awe. Then again the first time that I checked into a resort and saw a stingray made out of towels and wash clothes, the Mona Lisa suddenly palled in comparison. I’m easily impressed and entertained.





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