Frederick C. Brown – Director of Housekeeping – Sea Crest Resort

Thank You Chinaberry Tree:
Just a word of thanks David to you and your staff at Chinaberry Tree for the outstanding efforts you have made on our behalf at Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort. You have made our property a priority and it is evident in how responsive Chinaberry Tree has been to our needs.
The level of customer service and customer care has been exemplary. From ordering to delivery, everyone on Chinaberry’s staff has made it exceedingly easy for the Sea Crest staff. We have been able to count on Chinaberry to respond every time we have had a critical or emergency need. This has been a big deal and greatly appreciated.
Three years into our relationship with Chinaberry, we have come to expect a level of quality and value that leads the way in meeting our guest needs. Quality has been sustained over this period of time and pricing has been remarkably stable and affordable.
Thank you again for being a great partner in our mission to serve our guests.
Best Regards

Frederick C. Brown
Director of Housekeeping

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