How to Make Your Towels Last Longer

If you’re like us, you probably use a towel at least once throughout the day, if not more. With frequent usage, towels are destined to wear out. But what if you could make them last just a little bit longer? Let’s discuss some helpful tips and tricks on how to get your towels to stay in rotation for longer. By the way, while you’re here: Make sure to check out all our fabulous towels — our personal favorite is the Dobby Collection! The quality and design details are unmatched; and so many of our loyal customers adore them, too.

Now, let’s dig into how to make your towels last longer…

  1. Limit Your Washing FrequencySimply put, you do not need to wash your towels after each use unless they’ve been severely spoiled. Our rule of thumb is, it’s time to wash after the 3rd or 4th use. You can keep your towels longer this way and also avoid any exposure to bacteria.
  2. Less is MoreDid you know that using too much detergent can cause your towels to stiffen? Our recommendation is to use half of the suggested serving per load. It’ll clean the towels and keep them soft to the touch. Plus, when putting loads together, make sure to not overload your washing machine.
  3. Less is More… ReallyLaundry is an art! When putting loads together, make sure to not overload your washing machine. For a general reference, the typical front-loading washing machine can hold around 7 towels and a top-loading machine can hold about 10 towels.
  4. Try Adding Baking SodaBaking soda has so many uses around the home, why not apply it to the laundry room? This powerful ingredient has the ability to revive old, worn out towels. Add it into your routine to brighten and whiten dull whites,  eliminate odors, spot-clean stains, and use it as a substitute to fabric softener.
  5. Consider Adding White VinegarWhite vinegar is another wonderful ingredient to introduce to your laundry routine. When using this in place of fabric softener, you’ll experience fluffier, more absorbent towels after each wash. Plus, using it helps clean your washing machine — we call that a win-win!

We hope some of these tips will help you prolong the life of your towels and make your laundry washing experience a more enjoyable one. Whenever you’re in need of new towels (or anything else), call us! We are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm but can always take your order on our website: 


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