Thread Count 101

You took the time and money to invest in a quality bed and now you want to adorn your newfound paradise with some luxurious linens. When shopping around, you are likely to run into the words “thread count.” It is frequently used to market products to consumers but, unfortunately, those numbers are often misleading. Let’s dive into what thread count really means and how you can start making better buying decisions in the future.

Thread count refers to how many threads are woven into one square inch of fabric. It is typically an indicator of the softness of a fabric but that number can be confusing and even deceptive. A product with a high thread count does not always mean a product of high quality. When considering an item, ask yourself these questions: What materials were used? Where was it sourced? How does it feel to the touch? Sometimes these details can tell you more about an item than the listed thread count.

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