Thank You Housekeepers


Hidden Heros

During these uncertain times with COVID-19, we see all the professionals that work tirelessly to keep us safe and protected. Law enforcement, doctors, agriculture production, and many more, but we tend to forget who the heroes behind the curtains are. We’ve seen doctors, nurses, and other health professionals working hard in hospitals to treat and protect COVID-19 patients, but who protects the health professionals? Who makes sure their hospital environment is safe?

It’s the housekeeping staff, the hidden heroes of anyplace that need to stay organized, clean, and healthy. Especially during these times that they are making sure rooms stay sanitary and safe. Everywhere from big manufacturing plants, hospitals, and the hotels we stay in during vacation.

The struggles

Housekeepers, sometimes start a low paid position that is physically challenging, demeaning, and requires attention to detail while doing the same thing 15 times a day. It can be physically and mentally draining. Problems with hotel housekeeping range from guest dissatisfaction to injuries on the job. Housekeepings at times have to deal with customers as well. A guest may complain about housekeepers over an untidy room and broken or missing personal belongings. Housekeepers are required to clean many hotel rooms per day and must often interact with guests, visitors, and employees. The long hours and strenuous work required by housekeepers are quite demanding, making the job physically dangerous at times.

The bottom Line

As a company that delivers linens and more to hundreds of hotels and motels on the east coast, we see the struggles the housekeeping department faces. We are always grateful and thankful for there hard work.


3 thoughts on “Thank You Housekeepers

  1. Thank you Chinaberry for all the great quality with your linens. Very soft and towels even softer. Thank you Tony for our last minute call to pick up product. We are so happy that we went with ChinaBerry ! Great company!

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